How To Make Simple Easy Christmas Wall Decorations

The tree is decorated and the room begins to take on a festive look but how else can you decorate and add to the magic ?
Why not try making these simple easy Christmas wall decorations? These are decorations that you can easily make with your own hands. They can be used for the decoration of some empty walls, perhaps for instance the space near the staircase or over the mantelpiece in combination with lights or candles.They are a convenient and easy way of adding the holiday atmosphere to your home. There are many possible designs of wall decals of various sizes and here we show you how you can whip up a simple last minute Christmas decoration and bring a bit of added Christmas cheer to your home.

Supplies Needed

Plain Metallic Foil effect Gift Wrapping Paper

4mm and 6mm Round Glass Pearl Beads in Assorted Silver and Gold Colours

Your choice of coloured thread.



Step by Step Instructions

Cut foil paper into two different size squares, one 10.10 cms or 4 inches, the other 6.6 cms or 2.5 inches,

With one square of paper at a time hold in the center and fan fold making the folds as small as possible.

Using a thread colour to match the paper tie the folded fan in the center to secure. Fold all the remaining squares of paper in the same way. Folding/creasing the paper will leave a strong fold/crease mark therefore it is better to complete the exercise with patience.

Secure two or more of the folded same size squares together to form what looks like a flower shape.

Take the desired length of thread and attach one of the larger flower shapes you have made to one end using cellotape.

Then a little further along the thread secure one of your beads using a knot to hold the bead in place.

Now a little further along secure one of the smaller squares made into flowers again using the cellotape.

Repeat all along the thread until you have the desired length of wall hanging.

Let us show you how you can whip up a simple last minute Christmas decoration and bring a bit of Christmas cheer to your home.
Simple and easy to make wall hangings that do not break the bank and even the children can have a go too.
Christmas is the best time of the year to let your creative juices be put into good use and give that plain wall a festive holiday glow.

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